Thursday, February 9, 2012

Compartmentalization, sans my sanity

I've decided to organize my life - or at least my writing. I've recently discovered that this space for free expression might not provide for half of the writing that comes out of my head here at school - for real assignments and projects. I imagine the different types of textual expressions having a Fight Club-esque smackdown. It doesn't look pretty. While I hope to be professional all the time (different definitions of professional), this blog was founded on personal musings way back in 2010, instead of a different gusto that can define the outer arts world I write about and/or my future career. I mean, what future employer wants to read about an indecisive, mushy, selfish 20-something and all her blunders? Not that every word thus far has not been worth it.

This sort of compartmentalization has a lot to do with me. If you didn't know it, I'm a freak about organization. I'm not OCD, but it makes me, um, happy to know where everything is situated. On the other hand, there's a part of me that wants to throw all that same organized shit (excuse me) into a raging bonfire in the alley behind my apartment. So I can be free of it. So I can let go.

I suppose we can keep the raging fire going here in this space, while my professional (I just made fun of that word in my head by saying it with flamboyant quote hands) life can appear well-organized.

Aren't we all torn in two? Maybe not. Maybe it's just me.

So, I've decided to create a new blog - but I don't like to call it that. We'll call it a writing portfolio. If you want to read what I'm writing about culture, art, and all of those fancy things, you can visit my new "writing portfolio" here. Still in it's beginning stages. These things are also important to me, and they deserve a place to breathe. Otherwise, you can stick around at Definitions - for another round of very unprofessional shots and endless pitchers of Blue Moon around the fire, while I continue to attempt to define my life as it goes. I think the shots will help.

It just hit me how jealous Blogger and "Definitions" in particular are going to be when I'm spending my school nights with Wordpress. But, what the eff, it's just a computer, and computers are not and never will be as smart as, nor have the emotional and creative capacity of, human beings.

And, here, I'm also assuming that anyone is reading this. How arrogant of me. But, just in case you are, reader, I'd like to dedicate this new re-organization to you. That's weird, I've never dedicated something like that to anyone. Because I want you to know how important you are to me. And if you are very well reading, thank you for rambling along with me. It's possible a young woman simply needs a space to ramble, reflect, pray, and dream...right?

Here's me, happy to know you. Sans bonfire. I'll keep it together, I promise. Although that straw elephant would light right up.


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  1. "It's possible a young woman simply needs a space to ramble, reflect, pray, and dream...right?"

    So right.