Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pray the Lord my soul to take

This happened just last Wednesday. Before, or after, or during, or even if you don't read on, please send up some prayers for hurting families and the community of Blue Hill.

While I was admittedly thinking of myself and my own, need I say, selfish shit, I ran into this video.

It reminds me of a dream I once had. Then, hey! I remembered I wrote it down! It took me all of five minutes to dig up the following in my lengthy journal archives. It's really awesome to find something without googling it.

November 15, 2009 11:24 a.m.
There was a scene with a sunset. A friend came running around the corner. We both watched a bird of pelican-like stature take off to fly over the pond before it plopped back into the water. While this was happening, a voice was narrating the process of flying in the dream. Something like, "You will keep falling, but you just have to keep spreading your wings." Then I remember walking through a neighborhood. Across the street was a beautiful home. I walked into a room inside - I was suddenly (literally and figuratively) in someone else's shoes. A young child. I found a bookshelf, dark mahogany, with a set of colorful books. I opened the first book, and it came alive. The room transformed into a blue-green fantasy city with floating lights and particles circling overhead. I came back to the room and realized that this world made me so happy. No one judged. I picked up a second book, and this time I walked into a meadow where two very good-looking men, best friends, were walking around an outdoor hammock. This time, I was myself - no shoes to fill. I awkwardly tried to climb into the hammock, but failed. They looked at me funny. I came back to the world. I opened the next book. It became narrated by an animated brown bear with a big smile. On the first page, it talked about singing, praising, Psalms and Song of Solomon. I realized this new world I was in was truly magical - or maybe of God - or maybe my young self thought it was heaven. I woke up smiling, not wanting to wake up. God is shining in my soul, and I hope that means he is in my dreams. Such hope and light in these dreams. And the beauty of things to come.

Lord knows it's awesome (no better word) that these things come back around to remind of things to come that have been. Christ alive in us! God even overrides social media. No Google monster machine of a computer necessary for God to search - and find - your heart. And take it with Him in the end. God makes the blue-green, the particles, the twinkles, the wings, perseverance in grief, His son.

E'en so Lord Jesus, quickly come 
and night shall be no more. 
They need no light nor lamp nor sun 
for Christ will be their all.

See you up there Travis, Caroline, Dustin, Marla.