Monday, October 6, 2014

Endorphin Ditty

I'm the coach of a coed softball team, and WE WON TODAY! I also get to play on the team, which gives me all the feels, but in a very non-sappy, intensely awe-struck way -- Do you ever think about the pieces of sports? The good vibrations of the pieces, like sticks and spheres, white bags and soles; the sail and stretch of the body across the earth. The unlimited limits of our bodies' humility on a field, court, floor, track, road, alleyway, driveway, diamond, backyard.

Anyway, this little ditty was written a while back, but it applies to the shape of my mood, one that showers me with good endorphins. Fresh and clean, now. And here they are in writing.

I cannot fully describe to you the reflex mode I succumb to, the diamond-shaped, dirt zone I am in, the agility-perceptive-super power I feel when I play softball. When I meet the ball with a big stick, sending it sailing. When I see people doing the same and grinning about it. When I run in a circle touching white bags with my toes. When I stop a neon light of a ball with my whole body. When I tear up the whole of my left shin, putting it under risk of such scraping, stinging, needling pain - gravel biting under the skin - because I'm so intensely ready, even wanting, to slice into third base with my leg, to feel alive at the birth of pain, to be safe. I am so blissfully happy, scrappy, playing softball. Gazing at my friends, spitting out encouragements like it's my dream job. A part of who I am resurfaces, and who better to share it with than good friends? And we won. Thank you God for coed softball.

SPORTS!! Get out and do stuff.