Wednesday, December 31, 2014

True Colors

It's funny how people (me) feel like they have to wrap up a whole year on a blog or on Facebook or Twitter in order to start one fresh, as if they have to wrap up all the lovely things from 2014 in order to present lovelier selves in if to get closer to the perfect soul mate or perfect job or perfect happiness or more perfect version of his/her (my)self, a more perfect version of the world. Perfect, no. But colorful, hopefully.

As I was gathering the photos for this third annual Year of Light in photographs (you can read about some terrific chili metaphors from 2012's Year of Light here and the "You only live once"-themed 2013 post here), I thought about how, with each colored second of the year, we realize the vast but swift and kaleidoscopic nature of time, but we also forget to be grateful for and loving toward the chromaticity of each and every personality in the world. And, at this time of year, I also remember that one can't have colored seconds without light and you can't have light without darkness. But even in the darkness, we know the color is there. And, alas! The canvas is wiped clean each day, amIright!

Cheers to remembering, thanking God for, and sharing the not-always-perfect, technicolor moments and people in your life. Here are some colorful moments of mine from 2014. I hope you had a bright, if not more psychedelic, year!


Who: Handsomer Jaws
Where: Sokol Underground
Notable color: the vibrant magenta of solid, wickedly 
well-written music and friendship (The writers being that of 
Handsomer Jaws (music) and God (life), if you know what I mean)

Photo courtesy of Jessica
Who: Jessica
Where: Mavericks hockey game
Notable color(s): earthy greens and browns that define 
down-to-earth, kindred spirited, giggly friendship, where both 
parties love standing up and cheering for the most awesome of sports


Who: The love of my parents
Where: My place of work
Notable color: The black typography of happy, 
encouraging, brilliant all caps, for when one 
finally gets her Master's degree in the mail

Photo courtesy of Leah
Who: Old friends and new
Where: Winter Park, CO
Notable color: The powdery white of the masterful combination 
of the majestic mountain and purely good times


Who: Chad, a friend from college
Where: Facebook timeline
Notable color: A deep red that can signify 
much love for a friend in need of prayers

Who: Me, hanging with myself
Where: Indigo Bridge Books
Notable color: The cream-colored graininess of homemade paper 
made to house words of wisdom and hung for all to read 
and read again


Who: The creators and designers at ustwo, who dreamed up 
Monument Valleyone of the best-designed interactive stories with 
which I've ever interacted (It's funny that an app can be so 
relatable and educational. Who would have thought?)
Where: My iPhone 4
Notable color: The child-like purple that surrounds a 
journey to self-discovery, artful storytelling, and freedom. 
Check it out.

Who: Easter eggs of 2014
Where: At my parent's home - always my home, too
Notable color: The bright yellow that reminds me of how little 
I was when my Mom and I first started this Easter tradition. 
Also, the brightness of hope and salvation all year long

MAY, part une

Who: Jenny
Where: Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Notable color(s): The classic blacks and whites momentizing 
(I made that word up just now) two classy girls, 
whose friendship has, thank the Lord, emerged in the 
last few years to reveal two minds that can so often read each 
other, it's amazeballs

Who: Stephanie, running in the Lincoln Marathon
Where: Lincoln marathon tracker, my computer
Notable color: The electric green of achievement after 
completing 26 miles! I'm still amazed by all my friends that were able to 
complete the half and full marathon. Way to go - you know who you are!

MAY, part deux

Who: A bottle of mango and orange juice from Pret A Manger
Where: Downtown Chicago
Notable color: The fuzzy-filtered, glowy orange of 
being welcomed back to a beloved city to see my favorite band with friends,
 revisit my favorite pieces in the Art Institute, and hug dearly missed grad school friends; 
a reminder of how one can become a little more chill when 
they welcome an open mind and open heart in the big city and elsewhere

Who: The Y Guy
Where: Cooper YMCA, Lincoln, NE
Notable color: The bright red of my cheeks that match these 
shoes when I wear the accompanying mascot (sweat) suit to prance around 
and get kicked and punched by 6-year-olds 
(in a very hilarious, non-painful way)


Who: Grandpa
Where: Perkins Pavilion, Hastings, NE
Notable color: The hopeful taupe of rehabilitation and 
a sense of humor after enduring a series of seizures and the 
coming days of transitioning into a nursing home

Who: Harry Styles figurine
Where: My freezer
Notable color: The chocolate brown of Harry's swoon-worthy, plastic locks 
of flowing hair just before he gave me the cold shoulder after this 
photo, because someone hid him in my freezer, and I didn't find him for weeks. 
I have since forgiven him for his coolness.


Who: Collin and Lisa
Where: Outside of Gothenburg, NE
Notable color: The cranberry purple-red of our fun-colored 20s, 
and the color of the porta-potties that symbolizes the laughter and shenanigans 
of this night. In other news, JASON AND ERIN ARE MARRIED!

Who: The L7 Weenies
Where: Union College 49ers Fields
Notable color: The peachy-rose hues of the sunset on a balmy summer night, 
after playing softball with friends. For more on the one game we won, read here.


Who: My name in a published book
Where: The University of Nebraska Press
Notable color: The orange cover of The Wheeling Year by Ted Kooser, 
one of the authors we work with and one who I greatly admire. It was a little surreal 
and very exciting to typeset one of his books full of innovative and lovely 
home-grown poetry. I have also made some wonderful friends at this place of work.

Who: Dirt track racecar drivers
Where: Junction Motor Speedway, McCool Junction, NE
Notable color: The green-brown of the flying dirt coming off the dirt track, 
a place where I got to witness the gear-head culture and jokey, 
hard-working, good-natured banter that surrounds the racetrack. 
A hobby my Dad has been in love with since I was 5


Who: Nebraska sky
Where: Lincoln, NE
Notable color(s): tipsy pastel pinks, oranges, and blue on a cool night just as 
the summer is folding into fall; the first time I look up at the Lincoln 
skyline and realize how much the city has surprised me this year

Who: My brother's miniatures
Where: My brother's house
Notable color(s): The classic, kind primary colors of my 
brother's steady painter's hand and unfailing work ethic

OCTOBER, part une

Who: Collin, Timothy, and Ali
Where: Blue Sushi Saki Grill, Lincoln, NE
Notable color: The burnt orange-red of the net that caught all of our sushi; 
walrus friends + sushi nights = boatloads of fun

Who: My Mom
Where: Helgoth's Pumpkin Patch, St. Libori, NE
Notable color: The golden corn yellow of the warmth and fun that 
is our Mother-daughterness. This day involved sliding together 
down the giant slide, hitting our bums hard the ground below, 
and laughing just as hard like little girls who are best friends.

OCTOBER, part deux

Who: Adam
Where: The Railyard, Lincoln, NE
Notable color: Kansas City Royals blue. Even though they lost, 
sports will always be integral to the human race. Also, friendship lives on.

Who: Renni and another Adam
Where: Carol Joy Holling Camp on Halloween
Notable color: The forever purple aura that surrounds my 
friend and former co-worker, Renni. Brony is awesome, too.


Who: Sisters, sisters. Never were there such devoted sisters
Where: Weller Auditorium, Concordia University
Notable color(s): There are so many colors that define the brightness 
and beauty of these sisters. Also, my best friend is beaming there on the left, 
and she is the closest thing to a sister that I have.

 Who: My apartment
Where: Lincoln, NE
Notable color(s): The crisp reds, oranges, and yellows hugging the 
outside of the place I've lived for over a year now. I've grown quite attached 
to it and its character, while many similarly warm 
events have taken place inside.

DECEMBER, part une

Who: College galpals
Where: St. John Lutheran Church, Seward, NE
Notable color(s): The many colors of friendship (Remember that Disney Channel Original Movie?!) 
and laughter that has surrounded our times together.

Who: Scooby-Doo cupcake
Where: My place
Notable color: Scooby-Doo brown, a reminder of the polite little boy who gave me a 
cupcake for helping him during his birthday party at the Y climbing wall. 
He loves Scooby, and so do I. There is hope for the future yet.

DECEMBER, part deux

Who: Friends
Where: My apartment during a Super Chill Christmas Party
Notable color(s): The funny brown tints of irony, because this party 
was extremely fun, but everyone in this photo looks extremely bored.

Who: My Goddaughter, Ashlynn
Where: My parents' house, Christmas day
Notable color(s): The complimentary reds and greens of giggles and of 
Christmastime family love and togetherness, despite a few curve balls this year.


"Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as  snow 
though they are red as crimson, they shall be like  wool ." 
- Isaiah 1:18


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