Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Try it...hyphenated

It's been so long since I've written to people other than myself, for my own personal satisfaction, which takes place in my glossy-cardboard-foldover-magnetic journal. It's my companion wherever I go, making everywhere home because so many memories of friends and family are forever preserved in ink on those pages. And, it smells like home. You know when your clothes begin to smell like the places you've been?...One time, one of my t-shirts smelled like Barcelona for weeks, even after I washed it. It probably didn't really smell like Barcelona, but the feel and sight of it brought back all those smells. And, right now, even while I'm at grungy-sweaty-dirty-wet-but-fun camp, my clothes still smell like Tide Sport laundry detergent with bleach. You should try it. It's magical. It reminds me of my little brother. He's really into sports, and it's such a transformation when his clothes come out of the dryer smelling like Tide instead of 17-year-old sporty man sweat. My journal isn't like that. Somehow, it traps the smell of home inside. Maybe it's because of all the smells associated with the memories. Or maybe my own private pen and paper have always been home to me.

A journal is nice. You should try it. For those of you who know Amy (Byer) Riley. Mmhm. She's the one that suggested I begin journaling everyday. That was three years ago. I dedicate this post to her. She and her husband Ben are moving back to the states! Ben is going to the seminary, and I'm so excited to see them both. They've been in Taiwan for approximately...three years.

Right now, I'm sitting in the Camp Carol Joy Holling marketing/communications office...area. It's not really an office. It's more like an opening in a big wall, where mysterious things happen. :) It's my kind of workplace, I think. The chair I'm sitting in is a cross between a Victorian-style pin-cushion sofa chair (if you know what I mean), a 70s kitchen table chair, and a 1995 cushioned office chair. I think we'll be good friends. This summer, I'll be taking photos and video footage of staff and campers and emailing parents about the fun their kids are having. If you ask me, the parents don't need to know all the details until the kids get home to tell all about their adventures. And, whatever happened to disposable cameras - the story of camp in images? I guess I'm just getting old. I really am...I hurt my back carrying all my rubbermaids from my car. But, this summer, I get to enhance my cinematography and composition skills, not to mention my protecting-expensive-equipment-when-it's-too-hot-or-wet-outside skills. That's something everyone should learn. You should try it.

I've met some new people...the kind you have a sort of instant comeraderie with, which doesn't happen all the time. I met a girl with long, red, wavy hair and a face full of bright brown freckles. Her voice sounds like a man's...but in a good way. It's quite a contrast from my soft and light yeah, sure make-fun-of-me-now-because-of-my-shyness voice. We instantly understood one another's humor. We even began joking about how different our voices are. I met a guy and our first conversation involved the characters of Lost and the prologue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. He also wore a Bolo tie yesterday. He's a cool kid. With black rimmed glasses, a zoo hat, and a shirt that says something about frying eggs.
Check it out: http://www.refinery29.com/we-predict-bolo-ties-will-be-t
I'm hoping we'll be great friends, too. I mean, come on. Not everyone can pull off the bolo tie-obsessed-with-Lost-frying-eggs-t-shirt persona. I should try it, except for maybe the bolo. Meeting new friends is a blessing. You should try it.

Here's to Amy. And here's to you. I hope you (whatever you're doing, wherever you are) are able to make your summer, well...summery bright and full of color and memories...or colorful memories. Maybe get a disposable camera to document the bright-journaly-smelly-new-friend-meeting kind of season.
You should try it!

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