Thursday, October 14, 2010


"A book is a flexible mirror of the mind and the body. Its overall size and proportions, the color and texture of the paper, the sound it makes as the pages turn, and the smell of the paper, adhesive and ink, all blend with the size and form and placement of the type to reveal a little about the world in which it was made. If the book appears to be only a paper machine, produced at their own convenience by other machines, only machines will want to read it."

I want to be a typographer. I know it sounds funny. What's so great about words and numbers and symbols? They're alive to me, what makes language speak. I want to study letters, get to know them, spend time with them. And sometimes, they keep you from getting lonely (like they are at this moment - when everyone else is asleep, and the chatter of the day is gone.) If you look at a letter by itself for long enough, you'll start to see the shape, the individuality, the message it communicates with the unique curvature of it's lines and the curls (called serifs in the typography world). The open freedom of the "i" that stands alone; the solidarity of the "o;" the grace of the "f;" the power of the comma. If only I could share this with someone who would understand how much value the small things can have. These little guys don't always get the recognition they deserve, and I want to give it to them. :)

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